Our Story

Each rag doll is handmade with 100% South African cotton and is uniquely presented with a traditional headpiece and outfit, with a modern twist. Love Mina dolls are available in a variety of skin tones and hair styles, to create a one-off unique friend for a child to love forever.

Packed in environmentally sustainable and re-usable packaging, Love Mina dolls come with a personal certificate signed by the South African crafter who made the doll.

By choosing Love Mina rag dolls you are engaging in an opportunity to teach your children about diversity and empathy through play. Dolls, and the play associated with dolls, can help children make meaning out of their interactions with others, both those who mirror their identity and those who are different from them.


Our Mission

Love Mina products were born out of a passion to make a tangible difference in the communities within which we live. Besides promoting diversity through play, we are on a mission to bring sustainable employment and from this the ability to strive in life.


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